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Unpublished First Person Accounts of American History
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"Douglas Westfall makes a living from publishing historical investigations of
donated artifacts, photographs and manuscripts."

-- Orange County Register

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Iraqi Warrior
-- A Novel --

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The Story of
a woman Army officer -- who meets her future husband after a brutal attack in Iraq.




Corona del Mar
--My Kind of Town--

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A New Book
On the Beauty
& History of the Community of Corona del Mar




--Of The Civil War--
A Novel

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A New Book
Union Naval Officer, pushed into becoming a Confederate, attacks the Union fleet with a Vengeance.

Publications of America's History


Amelia Earhart

San Francisco Earthquake

World War II



  Discovery of Flight 19 *


The Titanic


American Civil War

  Significant Events

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"It's the kind of thing a historian lives for: coming across
never-published letters"  -- Los Angeles Times

"Of all the books written ... This book is the most unique"
-- Florida Today

"A compelling new book"
-- America Comes Alive

"It is riveting reading"
-- Huffington Post

"American History, One Story At A Time"
 -- Orange County Register

"The truth, as noted here ... is much more down to earth"
-- Oconto News

-- *Featured at the Smithsonian Museum --

Books that Change American History

We've published over 90 American History Books since 1990, all based upon Unpublished First-Person Accounts of Significant Events in America's history.

These all come from letters, diaries, journals, memoirs, and interviews; which are received from the men, women, and children who were there -- experiencing our history -- long before we were alive. If you don't read our American History Books, you won't be able read their accounts.

Each of these people are truly a national treasure, and each book provides a unique look at our history from their point of view. Every book has 150 to 250 photographs, one-third of which have never been published. Yet if you don't read our American History Books, you can't see these anywhere else.

Books That Change American History, present unread accounts of mysteries, disasters, and significant events. Imagine postcards from a survivor of the 1906 earthquake who wrote for Two Weeks in San Francisco, the diary of a Japanese soldier written while the Marines are Taking Saipan, or Letters From the Field by a US Lieutenant at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

These events include American migrations, social issues, and stories from our wars. Think of a journal by a man during the Confederate Occupation of West Virginia, a memoir of a First Radio Officer during the Legends of the Flying Clippers, or the interview of an airman who searched for Flight 19 in the Bermuda triangle.

Then there are thousands of photographs taken by our American heroes: a Nurse in the Aftermath of World War I, a Jazz band manager during 30 Days With Nat King Cole, or a nature photographer during A Century in Yellowstone.

We Americans need to know that George Armstrong Custer was a pawn, that Amelia Earhart was a decoy, and that the American Civil War was fought over money. This is the material found within the pages of our American History Books.

Douglas Westfall, teacher, author, publisher

American History Books
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